Being Mindful Challenge

Gerald D

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Well, remember the “ice bucket challenge” for ALS? Social media is constantly changing in terms of which venue is currently most popular, but there are always a few that are being used at any given time by young people. A successful campaign to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle would have to include a similar promotion on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for example. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be with an ice bucket; it just needs to be united and begin on some type of social media. So, how about filming yourself with some way of representing the number of days you have gone without looking at your phone at all in the car. Perhaps video yourself like the Count on Sesame Street saying, “Four! Four days without checking! One, two, three four!”, or dancing to Eight days a Week by the Beatles, or finding a sign with the number of days you are at and taking a selfie with it, or– you get the idea. There are a million ways to live healthy! Then challenge two friends to do the same. If it catches on, it spreads like wildfire. And once you get people to take the first step, they’re often willing to take the second. Try it-I challenge you!