Take the tears away…

Sydnee M

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Each and every year there is a decent amount of deaths caused by distracted and reckless driving. People on the road with “anger issues” or “road rages,” are the people who are most likely to be these dangerous drivers. These drivers decide to distract themselves and ease their anger with the help of their phone, or driving like a maniac. This distraction is what a reckless driver says helps them calm down. When I was little my mo used to get anger and drive on the freeway because she felt if she could drive over 30 then she was distracted and concentrated on something else. This would always scare me because I felt that she wasn’t safe to drive when feeling sad or mad because you aren’t in your normal state of mind. To solve this and end distracted and reckless drivers I think we should start by not letting any car start unless their phone is connected to something in their glove box. Having this would make it so people will get off of their phones and stop swerving to be on their phones. This idea might even lower the rate of tickets for people who are on their phone while driving. Another suggestion could be having machines every so miles hidden on all of the roads. These machines would be able to see everything wrong with the driver. By this I mean it can see who is and isn’t buckled in the car, how fast your’e going, if your on your phone. if your swerving, etc. These machines would make it so everyone is more cautious while driving. These machines would make it so everyone is expected to be a safe driver because no matter what road they’re on they will be caught if they’re doing something wrong. With that, I believe that distracted and reckless drivers are drivers that shouldn’t be allowed to drive, or drivers that should at least have to retake their drivers test, and an additional safe driving class. So lets get everyone together and not waste no more tears and lives and make everyone happy and safe.