Connected Driving

Bryant M

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Many of us have our daily commutes, to school, to work, the grocery store and beyond. what the most likely have in common is driving. Your car is essential for most people’s lives. As we are driving another essential machine calls us. Our cell phone ringing and dinging with Facebook, Instagram, Facetime and your mom’s butt dials. We have all experience the argue to check. Many even done it time to time. So how do we stop it? We know it’s bad for us and easily deadly but we still do it. My answer is We Don’t. Now hold your horses, I know, I know. But the thing is we keep trying to separate us from our phones, when we should be connecting us in a safe manner. Say you’re driving down the freeway on your way to a social gathering. Your friend texts you “Where u at”. What do you do? Do you ignore it and keep them wondering and maybe frustrated that you may not be coming at all? Or do you pick up your phone and text while driving? How about neither. Many cars already have GPS, or take your calls and play your music through Bluetooth. So why don’t they read you your texts. I feel like what i have in mind would work best in a Tesla type car. Where there is a big display console in the center. there will be a notification on it saying new message and it will speak it aloud. promptly afterward you say either “reply” “save” or “ignore”. if you say reply whatever you say next will be texted to them. until you stop talking for more than 3 seconds. you then can delete and speak again or send. if you say save it saves the message for you to see later after you’re done driving. Finally ignore deletes the message from your notifications. If you don’t say anything then it will auto save. This system can be further implemented with something like google assistant or Amazon Alexa. Where you can ask it questions like what the weather is, or to play a certain song. Voice commands won’t distract you from the road ahead. You can stay connected without touching your phone. Once your phone connects to the car it is put in a special car mode where you have a reminder to keep your eyes on the road if you try to use it, and if your parked it allows you to use it again, It can even tell you statistics on recent crash rates and give you a points towards rewards for good driving like coupons to your favorite food places. Thank you for your consideration for my idea.