My Boyfriend Killed My Sister

makaela f

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Mom: Hey sweetie, when will you be done with practice? Me: Idk, probably around 5. Why? Mom: Could you pick up your sister from daycare, I am staying a little late at work tonight. Me: Yea sure. I walk to my car to leave and I notice my boyfriend texted me several times while I was in practice. As I turn my car on, I open the messages to see what was wrong. Nate: Hey we need to talk. Nate: It is really important. Let me know where you are. Nate: Are you ignoring me? Nate: Okay now you’re starting to piss me off. Me: Sorry I just got done with practice, What is wrong? I realize that it is already 5;30 pm and I am supposed to pick up my 4 year old sister from daycare at 5:15. I put my phone down and start to drive towards the daycare center. Nate: I feel like this is not working anymore. Nate: I am sorry, I just don’t feel the same. Nate: Please say something, I want us to be friends still. Nate: You didn’t do anything wrong we just aren’t meant to be. I arrive at the daycare and go inside to get my sister. Once we get in the car and I start to reverse, I see that my boyfriend texted me again. I continue to drive, but I quick read the texts. As soon as I see the first one, I start crying. How could he do this to me, we have been dating for two years and just yesterday he said that he saw a future with me. I respond immediately. Me: What changed since yesterday? How long have you felt this way? Nate: I just think in the moment I felt like I did want to be with you, but then when I’m not with you I see other girls and I wish I could be with them. Me: How can you say that? How could you lie to me? I hate you, I hate you so much. Nate: No please don’t say that. I want to still talk, just not date. I think we can be good friends. Maybe even still hang out. With tears streaming down my face, I look up from my phone quickly and am instantly hit with a wave of fear as I notice that I am swerving into the other lane. I rapidly jerk the wheel and just barely make back into my lane without hitting the oncoming truck. I put my phone down. I notice Nate hasn’t said anything since his last text. He doesn’t even seem to care at all I grab my phone again just so I could get the final word. Me: We are not friends and we are definitely NEVER going to hang out again. Please just leave me alone. Nate: Typing… As I wait for his response I start to notice a loud siren noise coming from the right side of my car. It sounded like a car horn, but before I could even look to see what it was I felt a huge jerk. Then we were flipping. I remember seeing blood splattering everywhere and glass shattering. I remember the scream of my younger sister as she was thrown through the window. I remember when the car stopped moving and all I could think about was what that noise was. I crawled out of my now upside down car, covered in blood and see my sister laying on the street, not moving. That was the last time I saw her.