One Small Buzz

Jasmine R

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Getting into the car and driving until you can’t drive no more is the feeling you want to cherish. It’s the feeling you do not want to give up or take away. Yet as soon as your phone rings and flashes from a message, you have to check it. You could be anywhere in the world right now if you had the willpower to leave your phone alone. You could’ve been celebrating your mom’s 85th birthday if you just waited to get to a safe place. You could have been graduating from college with a smile on your face and your degree in your hand as you walk across that stage knowing that you made it. You could have been starting your ideal career but you’re not. Following your dreams that’ll eventually be caught is no longer possible because of one little buzz. You could have been someone but at the end of the day, it’s not just you, others are affected physically and mentally as well. That one buzz could’ve let you live but what about the others? What about the family going on vacation to relax only to spend their time in the hospital or the rest of their life in the grave. What about the teenager who just got their license and wanted to explore by driving some more but this time by themselves? What about the dad who finally achieved custody of his two little kids and they decide to celebrate by going out for ice cream. What about the others? How would your family feel if that one buzz, that one flash cost a life whether it be yours or someone else’s. How would your family feel if they realized they wouldn’t be able to hear your laugh, to hold you, to touch you anymore. How would your family feel? These thoughts cross your mind only to quickly go away because you feel as if you have to check the latest gossip. You feel as if you have to text your loved one immediately and that it cannot wait. When in reality, it can wait. When in reality, it is best to be somewhere safe and not moving. When in reality, it only takes one small buzz for it to happen once to you. So tell yourself, tell others, develop the willpower to know the message can wait because it’s not worth it when a life or many lives are at risk.