Technological modification of modern cars.

Jacob V

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My personal connection to distracted and or reckless driving is rather strong. In May of two-thousand and sixteen, my father and I were driving to our new house, when at an intersection a man turned into oncoming traffic, my father could not slow down and therefore hit him at a speed of a little under thirty miles per hour. Both cars were totaled, no physical injuries were sustained, however I cannot remember most of my ninth grade year and short term memory can sometimes be a challenge. I have a solution that would benefit drivers all across the world. Fibre Optic LED Heads Up Display, In the windshield would be a layer of fibre optic cable that is attached to a screen below the dashboard, the screen would display different things such as: Miles Per Hour, Drifting right or left, Danger of moving vehicle, Redlight/Greenlight warning, Projectile imminent, Low fuel, and Pedestrian warning. These warnings would be measured by cameras, proximity sensors, FLIR cameras, and accelerometers. These sensors would be attached to the automobiles on board computer, that is technically built into all cars as of this moment. Many conditional statements would be attached to the sensors and warnings, such as if the warning for a red light is active and the speed is persisting at a dangerous level, the car will automatically slow down. If a projectile is iminent, depending on which condition is met, the car will react as such. The automobiles computer should be encrypted with AES-256, and only the manufacturers and law enforcement should have the encryption key. I hope that this solution is taken into account and used to prevent car accidents across the globe.