It’s Too Late.

Melissa M

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Imagine this. You meet a cute girl or guy and suddenly you have a date for tonight. You’re excited, why wouldn’t you be? They’re sweet and funny, and you think you will have a good time. So maybe you go to the mall to get an outfit, maybe you call your best friend to talk about the good news; maybe you have a beer with the boys. As you’re driving to the mall, you can pass billboard after billboard warning you about the dangers of distracted driving. You shake the image from your mind, and ironically pick up your cellphone to call your friend. Your mind drifts to the few beers you had earlier, “It’s out of my system by now,” you think. And again, you shake the thought from your mind. Then you’re pulled over. Only, that version of you was the lucky version. Imagine this. You didn’t get pulled over. You continued to drive down the interstate to the mall, merging in between cars without using a turn signal. You don’t realize you’re going a little too fast and you don’t realize that when your phone rings and you decide to pick it up, you don’t realize you have swerved into the wrong lane. You don’t realize that when your best friend hears the crash through the phone, he knows exactly what has happened. You don’t realize he is screaming your name and you’re not waking up. He calls 911, he calls your mother and your sister. Your mother calls you, on the phone sobbing because she is fearing every mother’s worst nightmare has come true. You don’t realize, as you’re lying against the steering wheel, you may never see any of these people again. Your friend, he will blame himself. Every day of his life he will regret calling you at that moment. Your mother will blame herself. She believes she shouldn’t have let you go out that night. Your father will blame himself, he’s lost a piece of him and he doesn’t know why you were taken from him. Your little sister, her heart is broken into bits. She doesn’t know what happened to her favorite person, her role model. And no one has the heart to tell her that you will not be coming back. And your date for that night? They have never felt so responsible for anything. Your school holds vigils; your funeral will be packed with everyone who loved you. You will never realize how badly everyone around you is hurt. It’s too late.