How to become a leader

Kaitlyn B

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Leaders are what build this world as a whole. Having the responsibility of being able to take on such a role is challenging. Leaders must always be on their toes at all times, for questions, examples, etc. As with everything else leadership comes with consequences. Not being able to fulfill that leadership role or falling short on the expectations of leadership are a few examples. With everything that is happening in the world today, not just the younger but older as well, generations need people to look up to. A role model to help guide their lives in the right way. A shoulder to lean on when in misery,or a helping hand to help them along. Guidance not only helps those in need but those who may already have their stuff together but just need that extra nudge to guide them along. When talking about driving younger kids need that guidance to help with what they can and shouldn’t do while on the road. One wrong move and it could cost their lives and others if not careful. This is why the world needs new and better leaders to guide us in the right way for a better future.