Think Twice

Liam A

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When a teenager first gets their drivers license, they begin to think they are invincible, free, and they can do whatever they want. It’s a great freedom for any first time drivers, but it needs to be looked at with caution. Sadly, they aren’t invincible and are prone to the dangers on the road if they aren’t safe. This applies with all drivers and not just teen drivers, but they have the higher risk at distracted driving due to their inexperience. I think everyone can agree that cellphones are the number one biggest distraction of all. Everyone has them and uses them for a great portion of their day, and always take it with them wherever they go. I’m sure everyone has seen people distracted by a cellphone as they are driving more than a handful of times. What can be done to prevent distractions? Smaller things that can be done is spend more time discussing this topic in drivers ed and make sure that the students have it in the back of their mind, or have drivers ed students be required to take a separate course entirely dedicated to being safe on the road. Those may seem like small things that we can do, but we don’t know the impact it could have later on down the road. Parents could take extra precautions about their teens driving safe by making them put their cellphone in the trunk of the car, or take out the car radio to have the music distract them. When it comes to older drivers who don’t have that parental supervision hanging over them, they need to know better than to be on their phones and drive. They need to make sure to set it down and turn off the ringer so if a call comes in, they aren’t tempted to pick up the phone. The calls can wait. Another thing they should think about is how they feel. They should not be driving if they are tired, or under the influence of any substance that could impair them. There are countless little things that can cause a driver to get distracted, and take their eyes off of the road and potentially put other lives in danger. More than being told to stay focused, I think it is also based on the driver to know better and be aware of their surroundings, because being able to think twice about picking up that phone, or answering that text could do more good than you could ever imagine.