Real Life Experience: Car Crash Course

Lawrence C

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Most drivers would think that the other would dive safely and will not make any mistakes. However, my dad told me this: “Assume that all drivers are idiots and will not make the right choice when on the highway or when they’re late”. Well he’s right because Dad, Mom and I’ve experienced that the hard way. First Mom had the right-away which states that: ”When turning left at an intersection, you must yield to oncoming traffic.” Meaning you had to wait for the other person thats on the left side, well the other person did not wait for her and damaged her car! Thankfully it wasn’t a major crash or anything like that, otherwise she might end up with in the hospital with a serious injury. This one however my dad and I felt, physically and managed to wreck the car in a way that even though not being used, the battery is constantly wasting electricity. This time we got rear ended by someone who thought we’re going to turn right at a stoplight, if that wasn’t reckless or selfish I don’t know what is. But the excitement didn’t end there because my dad was cussing and yelling, I’ve never seen him this steamed in my life, and i was in the crossfire between his anger and the other driver’s stupidity. That is an event that’ll be burned forever in my memory: an event that can lead to serious damage and hurt if it was worse than it was and it proved my father’s point of view about how drivers behave when they’re late or are just distracted because of phones or other stuff that can take someone’s mind off of the wheel. Do you want to wound up In a Hospital bed, with so many broken bones, wondering if you’ll live to see tomorrow or not, with chances that are very thin? If not then keep you’re mind on the wheel and others around you. The crashes that I experienced may be ancient history now, but if it was worse than it was, one of us would be gone forever, and that’s something I cannot live with, and I don’t want that happening to other people. So please, drive safely and be aware of other drivers. You can only life and die once after all, so be careful on the road ahead!