Reckless Driving

Cameron O

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Cameron Ortega Reckless Driving In my personal opinion I believe that there could be many different solutions to fix the problem of reckless driving, and I will propose and explain my ideas that I truly believe could help fix this problem. One of the ideas that I had in mind was that once a year every individual driver with a driver’s license would need remedial training, but if you’re past the age of 60, you would need to have two remedial training sessions every year. In the beginning stages of learning how to drive, many people take it seriously and are very cautious with how they are on the road, but after taking their driving tests, their driving class and the necessary steps to get an official license, they begin to be more relaxed and careless with how they are on the road. So if they get remedial training once or twice every year to remind them the rules of the road, it can help keep people on top of how to drive safely on the road. The second idea that I had was that driving school needs to be more hands on driving rather than the instructors teaching inside a classroom for a week or longer. For the first two or three days of driving school, the students should learn how to operate a car, put gas, insure the car, what you should keep in your car, etc. then the rest of the days should be more hands on driving, not necessarily test driving where the students are nervous and they make sure they do everything right but more of hands on driving where the students feel comfortable enough driving on the road with a passenger or by themselves. For these driving times there should be certain sections of road that should be dedicated to teaching students how to safely and properly drive. In my opinion this would lower the need of the 50 hours students are required to take because the 50 hours students are required to take were designed to give students practice on the road but no one really knows if students are actually driving the 50 hours because nowadays some parents and even some driving schools don’t really care if they are truthfully completed or not. The hands on driving you do in your driving class would actually ensure that you know how to drive safely. I feel that these ideas would be more beneficial to help fix the problems of reckless driving because we don’t need more stop signs, speed bumps, speed detectors, etc. because they haven’t helped this problem so far so why waste the time and money when they haven’t even helped, and we especially don’t need more police officers paying attention to road violations rather than actual crime. I believe that the ideas that I have proposed would keep the roads a lot safer for everybody because they cover a lot of the reasons as to why we have reckless driving in the first place.