Seconds v. The Rest of Your Life

Tiana M

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Its my first time driving. i feel like an adult. i feel an experience of new freedom. my parents fear that i will get hurt. but I know I will be fine. I am an adult. I am smart. besides I’m good at driving. It’s easy. I can drive so well I can do it blindly. bzzt bzzt. my phone calls at me. but I know better bzzt bzzt. It calls again and now it sounds louder bzzt bzzt. it pierces my ear. I’m a good driver a peak cant do me no harm. one look wont.- R S C A H! My phone spirals out of my hand and my eyes are in a daze its happening so quickly I wish I remembered to hit the breaks but I couldn’t. I just needed a few seconds to check the app and just like that. my vision goes white and I fade away. But it’s ok I will be back I have to be. It was just a silly mistake. I’m sorry. I can leave and see my family and friends now. I can continue my story. It was just one second. Seconds turn to minutes. Minutes into hours. Hours into days. Days into weeks. Weeks into months and months into years. and then I realized I never went back to mom and dad. I never got to graduate. I didn’t go to prom. I didn’t go to college. and I barely spent time with my mom. I didn’t get to tell dad bye. I didn’t get to see my brother and annoy him as he annoys me. I never even had the chance to fall in love with another and I wish I could hang out with my friends like we used to. I never discovered my passion and I didn’t get to find out all of who I am. Robbed of my own story that remains unfinished. Just for a few seconds. All of that for a text- notification- Facebook- whatever it was. I don’t even remember. all I can think of are the years that went by after I…died. The way it hurt my mom my dad my brother my grandmother. All the adventures that I missed. And the unfinished chapter I left behind. All for a screen that flashed something that I realized wasn’t even that important to me. If I can do it all over. If I can replay it again. I would make sure that my life wins. Because when it comes to seconds v. the rest of your life. you realize that the screen wasn’t worth it. My life…my story was. And once you look and you’re caught off guard. It’s permanent. Your life should win… Always. Seconds v. The Rest of Your Life.