Keri S



This a cappella song is about someone warning a friend to put their phone down and focus on the road. There are so many dangers and things that are risked when people are not paying attention while driving. People need to understand that one wrong move can be their last; they can hurt themselves with distracted driving but also hurt others in the process. Life is precious and we need to appreciate every moment. Lyrics: (Verse 1) Life is a wonderful thing. Who told you to throw it away? Put your phone down and watch where you drive. The end is just one call away. (Chorus) I wish you could see the dangers you bring with you. I️ wish you knew how distraction can hurt too. Focus, my dear, please focus. Focus, my dear, please focus. (Verse 2) Your friends still need you by their side. What gives you the right to make them pray? Focus on the road ahead. Please do not leave me today. (Chorus) (Outro) Put your phone down.