Phone Fiascos

Maya S

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There are thousands of traffic related deaths, and injuries each year. Many of which are caused by distracted driving. In this day in age technology plays a massive part in our everyday lives. We use our phones at home, work, school, and even in the car. Phones can be useful when finding directions to a location, talking on the phone during a long car ride, and even as GPS locations. However, there is a time and place for their use. Looking at you phone while driving is not one of those times. You travel the length of a football field in a matter of seconds while driving. If someone is looking at their phone for even one moment they can be distracted and cause harm to themselves or others. I believe that phones should automatically turn off, unless of emergency trigger, when someone enters their car. Recently, Apple has added a “Driving” feature to their phones which stops text notifications from alerting the driver while in the car. This is helpful, however, there are sill many other distractions given by phones. That is why I think it would be beneficial for phones to completely turn off unless emergency words or calls trigger the device. This feature would help thousands of drivers, and passengers alike. Lives would be saved, and so would phone batteries.