Prom Night

Alana T

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From the moment Kyle laid eyes on me, he told me that he loved me. Everything from my black leather seats to my convertible top to my cherry-red paint job. His parents proudly handed him the keys to me as he excitedly thanked him. From that point on, we did everything together. He would wash me twice a week, we would impress girls with a low rev of my engine, and we loved to go fast on back country roads with my roof down, blaring that intense rap music he loves so much. One night, Kyle dressed up in a nice suit and tie, and we drove to a neighborhood I had never seen before. His hands were sweaty against the steering wheel as he nervously stopped in front of one house. He knocked on the door, pacing a little as he went. When the door opened, a beautiful girl in a long dress emerged, and Kyle took her hand as they came to meet me. The girl complimented me on my paint job, and he nervously thanked her. Kyle drove us to his school where other well-dressed kids were going. He helped the girl out, locked my doors, and went inside. My least favorite part of being parked was waiting, like when he would enter the school during the day and not come back for seven long hours. When they finally returned, I excitedly came to life when he turned the keys in the ignition. We came back to that unfamiliar neighborhood to drop off the girl. I could tell that he really liked her when he told her those words he told me so many months ago. I love you. The girl blushed and repeated it to him. I love you too. A big smile spread across his face, and I knew that he was happy. He was so happy that he forgot to put his seatbelt on. I was happy that he was happy. And when we raced down the back country roads, blaring his favorite intense rap music he loves through his phone, I was happy for him. He sang through the night, and, as he scrolled through his playlist for good songs, he didn’t see the other pair of headlights coming at him. I wanted to stop, wanted to warn him, but his foot remained on my accelerator so I had no choice but to continue forward. SMASH. My windshield shattered into pieces, and my front bumper was badly dented from the impact of the large truck that had crashed into us. Kyle had it worse, though. In the light of my headlights, I saw that he was laying in the middle of the road, blood trickling from his nose and forehead, blank eyes staring straight up at the starry night sky, and his radiant smile still evident across his face. About 4,000 teens lose their lives in collisions each year. About 50% of those who were killed in collisions would still be alive had they worn their seat belt, and 1 in 4 of these collisions involve the use of a phone. These cases can be prevented. Buckle up every time, and eliminate these distractions, such as loud music and phones. You can also give the right kind of peer pressure by telling your friends that texting while driving is wrong. In fact, 78% of teen drivers say they are less likely to text while driving when their friends say it’s bad. Stay safe on the roads out there!