Let’s End Reckless Driving

Sergeny C

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Did you know that reckless driving is the #1 killer of teens these days? One small, careless mistake can take your life in a split second. Not just a mistake made by the driver but a mistake made by a passenger as well. Take the story of Kaille Mills. She was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a friend of hers. She was just 400 yards away from her house when she decided to take her seatbelt off to get a better angle to take a selfie. The driver soon lost control of the vehicle and she was ejected out of the vehicle and died instantly. The three other passengers in the vehicle were wearing their seatbelts and survived. Kailee would still be with us today if she would have waited until she got home to take the selfie. Imagine how her parents must have felt. They had no idea that the minute Kailee left the door earlier in the day, that it would be the last time they saw her alive. After hearing of this story, many parents are afraid whenever their teen leaves the house. This should not be happening. I think I may have a solution to this problem. The next time you sit behind the wheel, think about your life. Think about your parents who love you unconditionally and are constantly worry about your well being. Think about your future and all you have ahead of you. Think about all these things that will be left behind if you make a careless decision. Stay focused on where you are going, don’t speed, and arrive at your destination safely. Passengers, the best thing you can do for yourself every time you are in a vehicle, is to buckle up. Make sure other passengers in the vehicle are buckled up as well as the driver. Before the vehicle is even in motion, everyone should be wearing their seatbelt. For the safety of all in the vehicle, try not to be a distraction. When you arrive at your destination, that is when you can mess around with your friends. If we do and think about all these things, our generation will end reckless driving!