The Unsaid

Stephanie G

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The wailing sirens of the ambulance and police cars pierce my ears as I attempt to focus my eyesight. Blinking back my tears and breathing in the smoke. I can barely hear the faint sound of screams over the sound of my heart racing as the paramedics pull me into the ambulance. For a moment I was able to think. I remembered the crash. I remembered the sound. The sound of my ringtone going off, because of a message from my friend. It was just a second, just one and the last thing I remember was my phone slipping out of my fingers. I took my eyes off the road and then silence. My head was spinning but I knew what happened, and when I saw her face I could no longer breathe. The oxygen was being sucked out of my lungs and let into the atmosphere. She was standing next to the car, clenching her little doll close as if it could be taken from her just as easily. As easily as her parents were, thanks to me. Once I got to the hospital everything began to comeback as swiftly as it had faded, except now I was feeling the real pain. I ruined this child’s life, I took everything away from her, over who I would be going to prom with. There was so much I wanted to say, but I couldn’t seem to make a sound. Just a tiny whimper was able to come out. Now I felt empty and lost. What was going to come? How could I ever fix this? I felt nothing and everything all at the same time, but mostly all I felt was empty.