It takes a moment…

Madison G


It takes a moment to put a seatbelt on. It takes a moment to look both ways. It takes a moment to stop at a stop sign. It takes a moment to put the phone down. It takes a moment to turn the music down. It takes a moment to take a deep breath. It takes a moment to slow down. It also takes moment to lose all of the moments you hold dear in your heart. All it takes is one moment and it can all disappear forever. Was that being on time for school worth hitting that pole? Was that tweet worth swerving into the other lane and costing the other driver their life? Was that one text worth your life? Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. Do not abuse it. You are responsible for not only your life but also those also driving too. Remember it takes a moment to lose it all, so drive responsibly.


My best friend was in a car accident recently. She was driving really fast and lost control of her car. Her car was totaled. She had to crawl out of the windshield because the car was flip upside down. She ended up being completely fine but they told her she was lucky to be alive. I want to spread awareness. If she had not been wearing her seat belt, she would not be here today. I am so thankful that she is alive and that one of my friends actually listened to me when I told them to but their seat belts on. I want to make sure that more people are being careful drive and are being safe on the roads.