Solution to Fix the Problem of Distracted and Reckless Drivers

Jordan H

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I have many ideas on how to fix the problem of distracted and reckless drivers and I know that some of these ideas are already rules/laws but if we could just enforce them a little more than that can make all the difference. One of my ideas is to make it a law to not allow phones while driving, yes, I know that texting while driving is a law but I think if we make a law about texting while driving and no talking on the phone a law it can make a big difference. Another idea I have is that new drivers are restricted to earlier driving times, as in instead of there curfew being 11 or 1 it should be 9 at the latest, and no matter if your 16 or 18, if you are a new driver 9:00 p.m should be your curfew, because most accidents happen at night and a lot of those accidents involve new and young drivers. Obviously no matter what laws are in place someone is going to break them because they never think anything could happen to them, but they do not realize that it can happen in a blink of an eye. If new laws were put in place then maybe the reckless driver incidents will be reduced even just a little.