Distracted Driving

Carissa H

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When a car comes into oncoming traffic who’s fault is it? The car? The driver? The answer is simple. No, the car doesn’t have control over itself, the driver does! Could the driver been distracted? Could he have had his mind wonder? Yes, He became distracted. The number one cause we will talk about today. We, can become distracted easily. Radio, Phone, Children, and outside are a few. All of these distractions caused twenty-five percent of fatal crashes alone in 2017 alone. Which means more caused injuries. The Great news is that you can change the statistics. Today, let us focus on what we can do to eliminate our distractions. The studies show the three main types of distraction Visual, Manuel, and Cognitive. First, realize what is your distraction. The most common cause of an accident is the cell phone and the radio, so we will use these as the examples. Whether you hear a ring, see a light, or feel a buzz, you become distracted immediately, even only for a few seconds. You Declined the call or picked it up, you took a hand away from the wheel.You became distracted, anything could of happened in those few seconds. Now, how do avoid these types of circumstances? It may come easy for some, but not to all people. Maybe try to silent, put your phone on do not disturb. Their shouldn’t be a sound that comes from your phone, Notifications would be silent until you reach your destination and turn the feature back off. If that does not work for you, maybe putting your phone in a unreachable place. ( where you cannot dig to get it.the passenger floor board? If you are a female you could place your purse on the floor board or male you could place your phone in the glove box. The radio distraction. Here are a few ideas to help. Depending on what vehicle you may have, whether it may be aux cord, CD , or tape,their’s a way. Tape players can be transferred to aux, now it can plug into your mp3. Now you may think is distracting. Make a playlist of your choice, your favorite songs. Make sure you won’t have to skip the song your listening. Take a look when you start your car and play your playlist when you start it. Don’t move the car until you are satisfied with what was chosen. If you end up on a song that you may not like, wait till you are at a stop light to change it. When the light turns green place the mp3 back down. The CD itself, if you don’t want to choose one artists, make your own CD. Still going with the create your own playlist. If by chance you just love the radio, choose the radio station and double check to make sure its the right station you like. Volume, place your volume at a level you can tolerate and you are in the mood for. When you may not be able to hear a song later, wait till you are at a stop sign or light to change and refocus on the wheel and driving. Do not start moving until hands are back on the wheel. The things here may help you even become a better driver and avoid an accident. A accident that could be fatal, or injure. Protect yourself and your loved ones by staying focused on the road.Don’t be the cause of an accident you could of avoided. Don’t be apart of the twenty-five percent. Be Responsible, be safe!