The key to Successful Driving

Hayden S

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I believe, in order to deal with the situation of distracted and reckless driving, a person must be fully focus and have only the road and their destination on their mind. They should not drive if they are feeling exhaustion, as this could lead to them falling asleep and wrecks to develop as a result. They should not eat or drink while driving, as steering should require both hands. The phone should only be used for GPS purposes, no talking or texting while driving, instead having someone in the car answer the phone or send a text in response. A person should never take their eyes off the road, even if they are talking to someone who is in the car with them. A person should leave from wherever they are on time in order to avoid potential speeding and wrecks as a result. Finally, they must be able to see the road, cars and other objects on it, as well as road signs very clearly. These steps, in my opinion, are the best way to safe driving.