Age of Distractions

Matthew G

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To the youth of America, I’ll try to keep this short, no need to drown you with millions of words when you’ll only listen to a few hundred. I get it, I completely understand the feeling when your driving and you hear a ding from your pocket, when the vibration sends all sorts of neurons firing. It is an impulse. Its a decision made without conscience to pull out your phone and read that text from your buddy, or your girlfriend, or even your mom. However even though this decision, although an impulse as a result of a new era of instantaneous information and gratification, can and will bring you more harm then the former. It isn’t propaganda to say that 1.6 million car accidents a year are the result of cell phone distractions, that is a fact. It isn’t It isn’t fake news to say that one in four crashes are derived from cell phone usage either, that is also a fact. But that narrative could be changed, and I think for the better. Maybe the U.S. government could establish parking spaces on large roads and highways for people to stop and answer texts, or maybe cars could drive themselves. But right now that isn’t the case, so for the sake of your life, and everyone else on the road, put down the phone and leave it alone. Isn’t your life reason enough?