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Antonio N

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Real Impact Contest To help prevent people from using their phones while driving companies like android and google need to add an app that is installed via software of the phone so it can’t be deleted. The app must use a map of some sort, like google maps, and track when they are on the road but obviously if everyone had that and it only tracked if you were on the road it would impact the passengers as well. So, the app must study the persons actions to recognize if they are driving. As it studies the persons action if possible, to also track speed like some app filters like snapchat can do but more accurate maybe even logging information like that and highlighted in red so show speeding. As a reward for safe driving with things like this maybe even every year you can send your speed recording to your insurance company and hopefully, they all are participating on lowering insurance off studying your recordings. Ultimately, if it just recognized all those things it would prevent the driver from using any of its apps except calling people. This would all take lots of convincing and people might worry about the whole tracking idea on it knowing your location. Overall, I feel like it is a safe and cheaper way of preventing people from using their phones if the phone blocks what people want to do while driving