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meagan s

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My name is Meagan Stewart. I was born in 2000, on November 6th. My life wasn’t always simple, I never had a father for most of my life. But everything changed one day when my mom meet the love of her life in 2015, his name was will. They did everything together and were always wanting to be together. On April 15, 2017 there was an accident caused by a distracted driver. My mom and her fiancé were riding their bike on Wilma Rudolph. They did everything that they should have done, protective gear, helmets, bright lights, and they were paying attention. However just because they were doing what they had too, doesn’t mean that everyone was as responsible. That very night, there was a distracted driver who decided that instead of driving a little further, to get to an entrance that was legal to make, she took an illegal turn and slammed into my mother and father. My father was killed on scene. My mother was thrown from the bike, only surviving due to rolling into grass. A simi behind them got everything non camera, however almost ran over my mother. My father and mother were transported to the hospital, then life flighted to Vanderbilt. That one simple mistake took away my father, my mothers love, my grandma’s son and his grandsons grandpa. You have no right to take away someone’s life. You do not have the right to not pay attention while driving. It is not that impossible to just look and pay attention. You will forever change someone’s life. Since the accident my mother has cried while driving, and is always so scared to be on the road. Texting and driving is not the only form of distraction. If you are talking or fiddling with the radio you are in the wrong. If you make an illegal move you are in the wrong. You can not expect the world to move around you or to even know what you are thinking or what you are about to do. You are in control of a 6000 pound vehicle you are putting your life and other people’s life in your hands. You are one person, who will change the world for many people if you do not pay attention. So that text is not that important. That radio song will be over in 3 minutes. You can wait to change it. You can drive to the next light to make a safe legal turn. You can wait a few minutes to pull over to tell your child to sit down rather than turning around while driving to yell. You are in control of so many life’s when you are on the road, and you don’t have the right to decide anything for another person. One person may not have changed that song. Someone might not have answered that text. Due to the simple face that they do not want to be responsible for taking a life. So remember to drive safe, alert, and that even tho you might hate that song, you never want that song to be the reason you changed someone’s life forever.