Phones to the Rescue

Abigail B

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Parents, teachers, and law-enforcement have all attempted solutions to the distracted driving epidemic. We’ve tried do-not-disturb, bluetooth speakers in cars, enforcing laws, and educating our communities of the dangers of distracted driving. However, it seems that no matter what we do, drivers all around the world are losing their lives due to cell phone usage and distracted driving. Nowadays, we are all attached to our phones, so what if they were the solution to this wave. My solution is to create a mandatory, unremovable app to be installed in every cell-phone. The app will have several features. To begin, you enter your age and birthdate- those under their state’s legal driving age will not have the effects of the app. Once you begin driving and reach 15 miles-per-hour, the app disables all usage of the phone, aside from in-app crash detection equipped to automatically contact first responders in case of an emergency. You’re probably wondering, what if I’m not the one driving? Well, this app will have a “passenger” option to select. As a passenger, the only applications accessible will be the Maps app and “favorites” on the phone app- 911 included. This will help distracted and reckless driving in a few different ways. Drivers will have no access to their cell phones while driving- all of their attention will be on the road. Passengers will be able to focus on giving direction if needed, as well as being an extra set of eyes for the driver in case of unexpected threats on the road. With our phones in hand, we have nearly one eye on the road, but with this app, two eyes on the road are guaranteed.