Driving for a safer life

Hailey M

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Driving is fun but at the same time it is a life owning action. When you get behind that wheel you are not just driving you are taking on responsibility. That responsibility is not just wearing your seat belt it is the life of you and your passenger(s) as well as those that are in the car(s) around you. When behind the wheel we as teenagers are tempted to prove to our friend(s) that we can be cool in the car by doing something that is going to put you in danger. We may be tempted to race with our friends in their cars or something just as simple as letting people in the car that are not going to wear their seat belts. Well not at the time we may not be thinking what could happen and about those that are affected with the decision that you are making. When we get behind the wheel we need to think about the other peoples loved one like we need to ask our selves who is not going to have their mom or dad come home from work or who is going to have dinner with out their son or daughter? Whether they belong to a family or not they all once were. We need to think and ask ourselves that very question ” What if this were me would I want anything to happen to the one(s) that I love?”. T personally think that if we put our differences aside we will all be the same and start to see that we are all the same. Every time we are getting behind that wheel we are signing a contract that we are going to be responsible for our self as well as those that are also on the road. My big thing is that people always say that they want to change the world but did they ever think that they can change the world by the way they act when they get behind that wheel.