It Can Wait

Baylee W

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It Can Wait Bing Bing The phone continued to go off and the girl had to know what was going on. Bing One little peak wouldn’t hurt anything. There weren’t any cars around; nothing would happen. The girl picked up the phone and glanced down. Texts from her mother and best friend lit up the screen. “Where are you?” asked the mother. “I got the job!” said the friend. “Call me,” stated the mother. “Great,” the girl sighed to herself. She unlocked her phone to go and call her mother. A car pulled up to the stop sign. The man looked both ways, but was unable to see around the large bush to his left. He sighed out of frustration, but went ahead to go. He began turning left when his phone started vibrating. Looking down, he saw that his wife was calling him. He reached for his phone, looking away from the road. The neighbor across the street saw everything. Police came, along with fire trucks and ambulances, to scout the scene. “What happened?” asked an officer to the old neighbor. “Well,” he started, “I was out here, watering my garden, when I saw that man pull up to the stop sign. I thought nothing of it, but as I went to look away I saw him begin to go. Now, that bush has always blocked everyone’s view, so I checked to make sure he knew a car was coming. He never stopped. I waved my arms and began running to the road to stop him, but he wasn’t looking; instead he was looking down. I decided to warn the other person driving, a young girl, but she also wasn’t paying attention. Her head was down too. Are they okay?” “Well,” the officer stated, “thank you for the information.” The officer began to leave when the old neighbor stopped him. “Please,” pleaded the old neighbor, “are they okay?” The officer sighed and turned to him, “no,” he said with an emotionless face, “They are not okay. The girl is being flown to the hospital and the man didn’t make it. There was a fatality. They were both on their phones. We lost a man’s life and had to send a young girl to the hospital because they couldn’t wait one moment. I’m sorry,” and with that the officer left. The old neighbor sat and stared as the wreck was cleaned up. Distracted driving is not a joke. On average, 9 people die from a car wreck in the U.S. every day due to distracted driving; more than 1,000 are injured. Keep your eyes on the road. Do not text, make calls, apply makeup, eat, or turn to grab something from the backseat. You may think that nothing will happen, but you don’t know if everyone else on the road is aware. If you look away, and someone else looks away at the same time, it could end catastrophically. Please, stay aware of your surroundings. If there is a phone call that you absolutely need to take, then pull over. Go park in a parking lot and check your phone, but do not do it while driving; it could be your fatality.