Fix Reckless Drivers

Eric N

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This past summer I woke up on August 19th thinking it was just another hot summer day. My friends and I like to get burritos at a Qdoba the town over and decided to go that day. I ending up getting a ride with a friend who was not a very safe driver to say at the least. On the way home I was the passenger in a severe reckless driving accident. The car hit speeds well over the limit and the driver ended up losing control. We struck a large boulder on the side of the road causing the car to roll. Unfortunately, I had extreme injuries. I had two compression fractures in my back and fractured my heel into about twenty pieces, which both required surgery. On the bright side I lived, not many people survive accidents like that. No one should have to go through what I did and thousands of other victims did. The thing about reckless driving is it is easily preventable. My solution to fixing this problem is when teenagers are at drivers education they should hear from a victim of reckless driving face to face. From my experience at drivers education we would just watch Youtube videos of horrific accidents and be told the rules of the road. To get teenagers to listen you have to have an intriguing story because as a teenager myself I know that once a video starts you lose interest fast. I personally would gladly go in and talk with teenagers about reckless driving and show them my surgery scars and tell them how at the age of 17 I had to use a walker. I believe I am not alone in this situation and many other victims would go in and talk about how reckless driving changed their life. Another issue with reckless driving is people going on their phones. Parents I think need to address this more with their teens. I have noticed most parents say no drinking and driving but do not say anything about texting. Teenagers need to realize that a Snapchat or text is not worth your life or someone else’s. I truly believe as the number one killer in teens reckless driving should be a very serious concern in this country and more should be done to prevent it.