So, She Did

Christa A

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Her alarm clock rang once the sixth hour of the clock struck. Laziness overcame her as the annoying sound went off from across the room. She had the power to press snooze, so she did. She ran downstairs after a couple more minutes of dozing and began getting ready for the day. She started with making her lunch, which consisted of the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich, at least to her and her friend group. She knew the perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly so that it wasn’t too sticky or too messy. Her experience throughout the years has given her the title of “Sorceress PBJ” among her friends because they believed the food was so magical. After packing her sandwich and a small snack, she was reminded of the tiny cupcakes sitting on the counter that were bought in celebration of her mom’s birthday. The cakes were chocolate with strawberry frosting to top it off, and she believed that her mom wouldn’t mind her taking one to eat at school. She had the power to take one cupcake, so she did. She went back up the stairs and picked out her clothes. Once done, she entered the bathroom and spread some toothpaste on her toothbrush, gave herself a nice, big smile, and began brushing. She was much happier than she was a few months ago since she only recently got her braces off. Her smile was bright as she kept her mouth healthy and clean, and her confidence was hard to miss. She changed into an outfit that only increased her poise and made her feel even cuter than she already was. She was unstoppable. Looking in the bathroom mirror, she realized she couldn’t have a completely stylish outfit without doing her hair! So, she took out and turned on the curling iron. She had the power to style her hair, so she did. The girl grabbed her school bag and headed out the door, to her car. Her parents left before she did, which meant she had no one to say goodbye to in the morning. This was fine, since she was going to see them after school anyway. She started her car and noticed she was still quite a bit tired and parched and had a little bit of time before school rang the bell to begin classes. She took a trip down to her local coffee shop and ordered a medium-sized drink to fuel her brain during her morning classes. She had the power to order a caffeinated beverage, so she did. As she made her way to school, she heard a ding come from her bag. This sound intrigued her, and she struggled to grab its source. After taking a sip of her coffee, she sent a message to her friend, who was waiting for her to arrive at school. It was fine, she was only at a stop light, there was nothing to worry about. Except when the light turned green and there was still a pedestrian crossing the street she was turning on. She sent more messages, telling her friend she would be there in less than five minutes. When she saw the light was green, she looked out for other cars, and drove right through the crosswalk. The kid walking the street made contact with the thousand-pound vehicle, and those five minutes turned into three anxious hours at the hospital. She had the power to take her phone out of her bag. But did she have to?