how parents influence their teens decisions and how to avoid being distracted while driving

Vanessa A

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A Parents job is to guide their children and show them right from wrong, though parents tend to forget that their children are watching their every move 57% of teens surveyed that they have seen their parents talk on the phone and 28% of them surveyed that they have seen their parents text while driving. Parents do not notice how unsafe their teens feel when they drive distracted 31 % of teens have felt this way when their parents were distracted while driving. 49% of teens felt unsafe when another teenager decided to text or call while driving. Teenagers are a reflection of there parents. Instead of texting or calling someone while driving ask your passenger if they could send a message or to call to the person you are trying to contact. Some cars have the option of voice command if the driver’s car does not have voice command they should silence their phones when driving, iPhones have a don’t disturb while driving mode where incoming texts and call stop coming in until you stop driving androids also have the same setting, therefore, there is no excuse to text or call someone while driving because not only is the driver risking his/her life they are risking the lives of others, at least 1 out of 4 car collisions involve phones .