Jorge V

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i think a perfect solution to this problem is ironically more technology. it sounds dumb i know but i think that right now We are in the beginning of the technology age. i think there is little we can do currently. we can develop apps to know when we are going over 30mph and have it recognize it and block the phone from receiving messages unless you directly click exit on the app. but i think as we develop new technology we will see this less, for example the new Tesla cars basically come with a computer in the front of the car where its like a big phone screen for controlling music, it can read messages for you, you can use your voice to send messages back so you’re never distracted. as this technology develops we will see less and less usage of phones. and as cars like Tesla’s develop we wont need to be even be driving. the cars will know how to navigate around by themselves and texting and driving will be funny at that point, it would be like the modern equivalent of watching someone wind up their car like when the first cars were made (ford model T). so my solution is wait.