Life is not endless don’t drive reckless.

Griffin N

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Reckless driving is not meant to be. Drive safe and you will see. As long as you drive safe. Your Insurance wont break. But if money is not what you fear, then drive safe and stay in a lower gear. A need for speed may be fun, But why live your life inside of the gun? As a crash will send you shooting through a window, a door, a wall just like bouncing ball. It only takes second to hit. Don’t live in a reckless pit. Speed is fun until your life is stopped. Driving the limit is not for only your granny or pop. Speed kills is not only for sports. So drive safely and don’t make your life short. Alcohol and drugs slow you down. Not only do they cause you harm. But they might put hand-cuffs on your arm. Being sober is the only way to drive, because driving drunk may take a life. So don’t be reckless your life is not endless.