the night it happened

devante h

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it was just another summer night, except this time, the volume of the music wasn’t the problem. My phone was. It was a Sunday night when it happened, but the day started as any other. I woke up around seven, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and watched any episodes of the flash that i missed on netflix. It was in my routine to workout for about an hour everyday, me and my brother. We were trying to get our bodies ready for the beach and the girls. after our vigorous workout we rested and got to talking about what we were going to do for the day. I suggested we went bowling and it was agreed. Phone calls strated to be made, he called Josh and his girlfriend Emily, and I called Don. we all confirmed that we should leave at seven that night. everyone met at our house excited and ready to go. we took the suv and headed out. I am usually a careful driver always watching all my mirrors,and surroudings. From what i remember it was about fifteen minutes after we drove off, I checked the mirror on my side and saw a red 2016 bmw coming up about 20 seconds behind, and little did I know what was coming next. My focus shifted when i heard the bell sound on my phone and saw a text from my mother. her text said, ” ok, be careful and drive safe.” it only took 20 seconds, 3 for me to see the car coming, 15 for me to see and reply to the text and 2 for my steering to swerved while I text back and collide with the red 2016 bmw that was carrying three passengers, a mother, a father and their new born baby. even though we survived, my brother Zack with a broken arm and fractured skull, Emily with a dislocated shoulder and broken wrisk, Josh with broken ribs and arm, Don with a broken shoulder, me a broken neck and arms, the parents with bruises on they’re head,the mom with a fractured rib an the dad with a broken leg, and the baby never to experience life. I didn’t just text and drive, I didn’t just cause injuries, I took the life of a child. I am reminded everyday that texting while driving is not just dangerous but deadly.