Wreckless Driving Free Smart Car

Jacob K

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Understanding and recognizing the value of life is critical. Every time that a person gets into a car to drive, thinking about others must be the first step. In my career, I intend to work in the Information Technology field and have been thinking about a technology solution to reduce reckless driving. My idea is to develop a set of two sensors. The first sensor will be placed on the fuel injection system of a car and the second sensor will be placed on the steering wheel. The fuel injection sensor will monitor the amount of gasoline mixture moving into the engine. By developing an app for either android or iPhone, the sensor will communicate via bluetooth to the app. The app will have controls for how fast the rate of acceleration can be allowed. When people get a reckless driving ticket and receive a court ordered sentence, the app will be installed on their phone with settings set for the acceleration rate to reduce overly fast acceleration that can be dangerous. The second component is a sensor that will go around the entire steering wheel. In order for the car to accelerate, both hands, not just one, must be placed on the wheel at all times during the course of someone driving. By using both sensors, when one hand is removed from the wheel, the acceleration rate is reduced. If placing the first sensor on the fuel injection system is insufficient, an alternative solution would be to place the sensor with the accelerator itself and monitor the RPM’s and their rate of acceleration. The final component would be that the app would be required to be open in order for the car to start and once started, the other two sensors apply in order to drive. The app could be administered by the court, an automotive insurance company, or an independent company where the person is court ordered to pay it. This solution would still allow the freedom of people to make a mistake first before their freedom is inhibited through the use of this app.