Tips On Driving Like Me

Shanaka S

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Have you ever wondered what could happen to you while your driving? I have, it is scary for me as a teenager to drive. I am a safer driver than most at my age. I personally have never been pulled over, nor been into a wreck. I’m going to give you tips on how to be safe driver like me. Not only because when you drive recklessly you put yourself at risk, but also others who have family and others that care about them. As soon as walk out to my car, even before I start it I put my phone on driving mode. My phone will not give me notifications, unless if someone texts “Urgent”. When I get that text message I pull over to the closest place, such as a gas station, or fast food restaurant. I put my car in park, then I look at my phone. I do not look at my phone while driving, I always have my sound on so I never have to look at it while I am behind the wheel. Next thing I do is put my seatbelt on. Yes, I do that as soon as my phone goes into driving mode before I start my car. I know a lot of teenagers think it’s fun to not put on a seatbelt even if your in the back seat. Reality is, no matter what car your in, who’s driving, or where you are sitting in the car, it is safer to have the seatbelt on. Also, if you are driving keep in mind everyone that rides with you has a family and people that care for. Make sure that they have there’s on to. If something would happen while your driving and they pass away or get seriously injured you will feel guilty. Until they put it on do not move the car or start it up. Another thing I do is check my mirrors and fix my seat. Believe it or not you do have blind spots while your driving. Every time you get into your car or someone else’s, check the mirrors and change the seat to where you can touch the pedals as well the wheel is 12 inches away from your chest. If you would get into a wreck with being closer than 12 inches if the airbags go off there is a chance that your heart stops, and it will not be able to start back up. Finally I start my car. I do not go straight into gear or drive. I put the music station to one that I will not change and it is my favorite. I know it is hard to listen to the commercials, if it is really hard for you pull over and change it. Do not do it while you are driving. That few seconds while your looking over, someone in front of you could slam on their brakes, someone cuts you off, or something happens where you have a chance of being into a wreck. Once I put my car in gear, I focus only on the road. Nothing else. I hope this inspires you to drive like me, and never be in a car accident nor get pulled over. Always keep your eyes on the road. Whatever is on your phone, or what your friends are doing in your car, is not important compared to you and your safety.