Could more effort from the community help with safe driving?

Breanah R

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To start I want to talk about four young girls that passed. They were all sisters one was a freshmen in high school also the oldest. They all passed on their mother’s birthday, me being a mom it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart even more knowing that their deaths may have been prevented by all of them wearing seat belts. Seat belt laws should be stricter and parents should receive many tickets and maybe even jail time to prevent them for just allowing this type of thing to happen. I have worked in a fast food work environment before working the drive thru. There was not a day that passed that I see a baby not in a car seat. The youngest I seen was a new born just being held by the driver. There has to be more laws that we can make to protect these innocent children, this is all child endangerment. Maybe a year passed or a little over and death struck lake county once more with the death of an amazing young female basketball player. One night her vehicle left the road and struck a tree. Leaving her lifeless and her family and friends heart broken. By what the news articles stated it was unknown if she was wearing a seat belt the time of the accident. From all my experience from friends and even family young individuals do not know how to drive safe. They speed and they drive reckless, I do not know how she wrecked but I do know she was a hard working young lady and she may have even fell asleep at the wheel. But these teens do not understand the dangers of vehicles they just feel it is cool to drive fast like they are in fast and the furious. I believe we need to have more commercials on television or on YouTube to kind of pull a scare tactic on the now younger crowed. For me seeing the detailed commercials scared me into driving safer. I believe almost all teens want to see having a family of their own, but they need to know that reckless driving may cost them that opportunity. With this last subject it gets really scary to me. A young women I used to work with lost her life from the car she was in leaving the road and hitting a tree. A young lady I used to laugh with and talk to at work. Someone I actually knew my age, lost her life. This young lady had a wonderful family that loved her many friends that cared for her. All of that came to an end due to this one night. Again with the teen driving teens just want to feel free. We all feel empowered when we are on the road. We feel like we are actually part of society. Like with turn signals and adults letting us over. We feel like adults how teens just always want to feel. I believe that we in Florida need to make it a requirement for schools to at least have one accident they act out for students. I have seen these on YouTube a lot and they really cause a difference in my driving. Just to have the school have students act in a played out wreck in front of all the other students should help with driving safety. The teens seeing people they know with blood and the emotions of seeing them hurt or even “dead” hopefully will trigger something in their minds to want to drive safe.