When driving think about driving

Bailey C


Distracted and reckless driving is bad. Everyone has heard this. If you do not think about this you could kill someone, a friend or family member. I lost my best friend because a guy wanted to get home sooner, driving 20 over the speed limit on wet roads. That caused pain for our community, he was only 16, that’s too young to die. It can happen to you or you could be the one causing it. When you drive think about driving that the strategy to follow. If you look at your phone, you could be causing accident killing kids or someone who could have cured cancer that someone you love may get. Driving safely can save more than one life. Driving may not be hard once you get the hang of it but the danger no matter how good you are at it does not change. Nothing is worth the risk, no reward can be bigger than a life taken. Regret can’t undo something. When driving if you think something is going to distract you, think about what that could do to your family if you get hurt or what it can do to you if you accidentally kill someone. Please everyone when you drive think about driving and not what your friends say or that you want to get somewhere sooner. It could save you or someone else pain. It will be called a mistake, but someone will be a fault, don’t let it be you.


I lost my best friend because of a guy that just wanted to get home sooner. My best friend was one of the smartest kids, he wrote theories of physics in middle school, a guy from LIGO was shocked about how smart he was. Once you lose someone when you are both so young, it scares you. The man who fault it was is now in prison but before one of his friends commented on the story saying that every time you saw the same car they drove he saw the faces of my friend and father that was killed. It doesn’t just hurt the friends and family that are hurt or killed, it hurts the sanity of the person that caused it. I wanted people not to just see a random person but a friend or family maybe someone that could have done great things, like my friend who could have.