Stop On What You’re Doing And Focus On The Wheels !

Labonno R

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Have you ever been in a car with a friend who loves to put their music on blast on the car’s radio and singing to the music thinking that they are on America’s Got Talent while driving, or text with one hand and have their other hand on the wheel thinking that they are elite because they can drive with one hand. Well, they got it all wrong because being on the road isn’t a place to show of their ear bursting vocals or take a selfie of themselves and send it to their followers on social media while they’re driving. People would make these silly mistakes while driving that distracts them from doing what is really important which is to focus on the road. Drivers should have the common sense to be able to prevent themselves from being distracted while driving because one small mistake can lead to their expiration date. People consider their phones to be their best friend and how they can’t go a second without using their phones. According to the National Safety Council, statistics shows that 26% of car accidents are caused by cell phones and 5% of crashes are due to text messaging. Cell phones would manipulate people’s minds into having their faces get stuck to the screen 24/7. Many people don’t know what they are getting themselves into when they are using their phones in the car while driving and how it could whip out many people’s lives including themselves. Before people enter their car, they should turn off the their phones and lock it up ( aka the trunk or glove box) as a way to prevent themselves from having to get distracted while driving. While driving, many people would wonder of to la la land and the next thing they see is a car accident that they have caused. People’s minds would focus to drift away from their driving and that would would be due to talking to other passengers, daydreaming, being under the influence of drugs and much more according to the DMV’s website. It’s easy for people to fall under the tricks of their mind while driving but it is not worth to getting into an accident due to them dozing off. People could minimize/ prevent these distractions by keeping an eye out on the road at all times or just chew on a simple piece of gum as a way to keep awareness while being on the road. While it is tempting to drift off to another dimension while driving, safety should come first for the passengers and other drivers on the road. It is heartbreaking to hear a news of someone getting into a car accident, but many times it is due to the carelessness of the driver. All drivers consider it to be fun to be behind the wheels and drive but sometimes it could get out of hand and cause a haywire. People should understand how it is important to prevent themselves from distractions while driving and how safe driving is not only good for the people but it is also good for the whole world. Mistakes tend to occur by people but these small mistakes could be prevented as long as they know how their lives are depending on how they control the wheel.