There was a Girl who Liked Music

Katalina L

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There was a girl who liked music. She sat in the driver’s seat of the car she bought herself. Acquiring two jobs, she had put her all in purchasing a vehicle in which she could gratefully get away from the responsibilities she was expected to carry. She studied hard, volunteered for her local pet shelter whenever she could, was on her school’s varsity volleyball team, and was extremely loved by her family. She reversed the car out of her driveway and started to head to school. Opening the window, the brisk morning air rushed inside the car, kissing her cheek as the cold lingered. The thick, maroon scarf that snuggled around her neck kept her warm. She just needed some fresh air. Life was suffocating. But the one thing she needed to do was keep on going. Just like the car she sat herself in. The sunrise was beautiful, and she smiled at the golden rays that faced her. She wondered what would become of the sun if the Earth was not here. Would it keep on shining? Did the Earth even matter? She tried applying that to herself. Humans were not like stars. They embraced the warmth of the sun, unable to walk alone. Like a chord, there must be multiple in order to be the basis of a harmony. Only then can it become a complete piece of music. Humans were not meant to be alone. She turned on the radio and raised the volume so loud that the car vibrated in its noise. Stepping on the brake, she stopped in front of a red traffic light. She was too busy singing and dancing along to the music, that she missed the red turn green. As cars went past her, she snapped out of her own little world and started to drive right after the traffic light changed to yellow. The traffic light hit red in a blink of an eye, the sunlight glaring on the top of it. A truck rammed into the side of her car as it drove to cross the intersection. She was alone now. Humans were not meant to be alone. Her one mistake cost her the necessity of life. It cost losing the people she loved, the purpose of life she never knew but was eager to find out, and the dreams she had for the future and the path she wanted to take in order to achieve them. There was a girl who liked music. And like all songs, they must end. We must know that there are a lot of things at stake when you are driving. Even the volume of a song you enjoy can hinder your life. Pay attention. Be safe. Think smart. Prepare yourself.