Texts and Wrecks

Hannah M

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Never saw it coming. Never thought it’d be me. I was blinded by pride. And now I can see. I should have just waited. Just put the phone down. I really should have held off. My mind is opened now. To go back in time. To undo my wrong. I should have just waited. I knew all along. But now it’s too late. I can’t make it right. I made the choice. My guilt I’ll now fight It wasn’t worth it. Not in the least. I nurtured a monster. And created a beast. I stole from him What I took was his soul. All simply because, I texted and drove. So, dear reader and texter Just take it from me. The effects will cost you So be sure to take heed: When your mom tells you never to text while you drive It isn’t about cruelty or a way to deprive Of you having fun or you being cool. It’s all a reminder of how much you will lose.