Protect The People

Allison H

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People drive for many different reasons. It can be for either going someplace, leaving a place, or just for a break. Many kinds of drivers are on the road. They range from the lead foot driver to the relaxed slow driver. Many distractions are available while on the road. There could be something on the side of the road interesting or there could be your cell phone buzzing in the seat beside you. I believe there is a prevention for distraction on the road. Many cars have the ability to Bluetooth your phone to the radio allowing phone calls to be picked up with just a push of a button on your steering wheel. There needs to be an adaption to that to where you blue-tooth your phone and the activation is by mouth only. The phone also needs to be able to be turned off also to where there is no temptation to pick it up and text back instead of pick up the call because your favorite song is on the radio. The car needs to have an Alexa built into the system where all technology is voice activated. This will cause no distraction from the cell phone because anything you would need to do on the phone would be accessible by voice to the car. For the reckless part of driving, every car should be equipped with a GPS system that knows the speed limit of the road that the car is currently on. That system should connect to the speedometer to where it can not exceed over that speed limit. This will cause the relief of the fear of a speeding ticket and an extreme amount of less wrecks. The problem of reckless driving is not the driver of the car, it’s the temptations available today within the world. We are all human so we are not perfect. We all can fall into temptation so by adding these simple system fixes to the cars, danger can be prevented.