It Could Be You

Jillian M

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Take a moment to reflect upon your life. Think of the accomplishments you have made in your life. It could be school awards or GPA. It could be sports or music. It could be anything. Think about the people that you love. It could be grandparents. It could be your mom or dad. It could be your best friend. It could be anyone. Think about all the places that are special to you. It could be home. It could be a park. It could be school. It could be anywhere. Now think about where you are driving. Where are you going? It could be anywhere. How long will it take you to get there? It could be any amount of time. Who are you going to see? It could be anyone. Finally, think about that sound your phone just made. It could be any sound. Think about who you texted last. It could be anyone. Think about what that text might say. It could be anything. Teens do not think about the consequences that a single glance at a text, a single change of a song, a single reply sent will have on their entire lives. There is no reflecting on their entire lives, the people they love, the things they have worked for, or even the current situation they are in. They are faced with a life or death decision and so many of them choose death. Intentionally choosing distraction, unintentionally choosing death. It is horrifying that a text, one that could even be a wrong number, or an unappealing song is more important than the paths they have paved. This indirect decision to give up this young life happens in too great of numbers. It takes seconds to think and save your life. It takes seconds to glance down and end your life. If any thought is to go through the minds of these youth, let it be this. Think of the accident and death that could come from this glance. It could be you. For those who want help to prevent the distraction from the beginning: Throw your phone in the back seat Make a playlist that includes songs you enjoy Turn your phone on silent If the drive is short enough, eliminate music completely Pull over if you have a serious reason to check your phone!