A simple solution?

Anaiis H

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We began as always on a heartbreaking journey, where a young teen has gotten their license. The excitement is quite overwhelming all they really want to do… is be reckless. This is a proposal that we should move the age of driving into a more appropriate age range. Such as 25-30, most adults this age are not as reckless as when they were teens. Now a days, teens have many distractions, the number one distraction is their cellular device. We either move the age range for legal driving up, or we can remove cars from our way, and go the old fashion horse back way. It was a much harder time, but the Earth would benefit from it. Less collateral damage, less distractions. It’s a simple solution, we can either replace all vehicles with either an oxe or a horse or donkey even. Or we can move the age for driving up. Simple fixes, like providing more driving lessons, or teaching would be too much of a hassle. That’s why I plan on trying to make a neater plan that can reboost the Earth and the teens. This is a simple solution.