Consequences of Distracted Driving

Max U

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Over the last few years there has been a boom in distracted driving, the demographic effected the most by this is young adults and teens who tend to get easily distracted in this day and age of constant media updates. Teens and young adults are making traveling by car a dangerous activity, so how do we fix things like this? How do we make people understand that distracted driving is just as bad as drunk driving. The phone is the obvious problem or at least a part of it; have you ever tried walking and texting? You will end up walking into things or people and so why is it so hard to understand that the same thing can happen when your behind the wheel. I think making apps or having setting on your phone that could hinder these incidents would be effective but the obvious problem with this would be what about the passengers? Would we disable all phone activity while in a car for driver and passenger, and so the better and more effective solution is to have stricter laws on people who are caught. Not in the sense of fines or jail time, but in community service, having them clean and pick up national parks. This would be most beneficial during government shutdowns or personnel shortage to help maintain national parks.