Safe Driving

Navdeep S

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Many people in today’s world think it is okay to use their cellular device and drive their automobile. That is one of the riskiest things someone can ever do which can cost their life! People don’t take into consideration the several repercussions that can occur due to one message on their phone; how many innocent lives will be taken away from them? Drivers sometimes are so worked up they don’t think about the consequences to their actions until something happens; at that point, it’s too late at that point to go back and fix it. I was once being told a story about how a teenager in India got into a major accident because he was texting his girlfriend on the way home from work. It is disheartening to know that you will see someone for the last time, and you can’t do anything about it. It was late at night and the teen was on his phone while driving on a zigzag road he wasn’t paying attention at the cars coming in the other direction. He lost control of the steering wheel and took part in a head-on collision. Both parties passed away because the impact was very big; this was recorded on CCTV. Everyone knew the cause of the collision because these cameras just so happened to be there to capture that incident. The boy’s family was very depressed because they didn’t know that day was the last day of seeing their child. Driving is a very difficult task because you have to watch different areas almost at the same time to avoid any accidents, Driving is not a game and people sometimes have the audacity to use their phones while others are in the car with them. They don’t think about the others in the car and continue to use their phones as if nothing happens. The people that don’t follow the rules provided by the government about their safety it’s their fault for doing something they knew was risky. Everyone knows the likelihood of an accident occurring because of phone usage and should understand that a text message can wait; it shouldn’t be that important to where your focus diverts to the phone.