Blind Chariots

Caleb S


Stones in the well and knots in my throat As heartless horses go raging and angry fists go on raving… Oh Mothers, cry your weary note Those stones in my well they have filled me deep For iron wheels are cutting and the streets are bleeding… Oh Fathers, sing your child to sleep Stones in my well no water left to drink For a hunger so deep is clawing and a sound so sharp is piercing… Heartless horses do not look nor think Heavy stones are in your hand… Tweeting birds and lethal pens! Blind chariots of iron swiftly stealing the heart from beating and feeling… And the joy of life and love and friends


This poem is written from the point of view of the family, friends, and communities who have lost someone from reckless or distracted driving. The “heartless horses and angry fists” reference the cruel power of cars and the destruction caused by reckless driving of those behind the wheel. The final verse references “tweeting birds, lethal pens, and blind chariots of iron” which describe the actions of distracted drivers. A common theme throughout the poem is “Stones in my well.” This references the feeling one gets when you hear the news of someone who has become a victim of reckless or distracted driving. Instead of sending a simple text or skipping a song, you are truly throwing “Heavy stones” into the hearts and lives of everyone around you.