Better Alive

Annalise O

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Your crush responded faster than expected and you want to reply. Your mother has texted you five times and called you twice. Google maps seems to be sending you in an odd direction. You know that if you wait to eat until you arrive you won’t have enough time. Your absolute favorite song comes on and all you want to do is sing at the top of your longs with the volume full blast. The following song is your most hated song on the planet and you can’t bear to listen to it. Your car is full of people and there’s a multitude of commotion ranging from singing, back seat driving, and conversations. You can’t decide which pair of sunglasses make you look more attractive. Your significant other wants to hold your hand. You were too lazy to fully scrape your car and snow and ice are sliding down both the front and rear windows. The mountains look absolutely beautiful. Being able to drive is a privilege, and with that comes responsibility. There are so many distractions and anything can happen in just a split second. I can, with full confidence, guarantee that you’ll have a much better chance of having your crush like you back if you’re still alive. Your mother won’t actually kill you if you wait to reply so that you stay safe. Planning your route before leaving will save you the confusion and risk of collision. Ending up in an ambulance definitely won’t give you time to eat. Your favorite song could turn into a trigger of PTSD if it was too loud to hear someone else honking. Suffering through a horrible song is better than paying for car damage. Your friends will forgive you for telling them to shut up when they make it safely. I’m sure you look great in all of your sunglasses, but if you have to match your outfit, decide before you leave. Your significant other will be a lot more devastated if you suffer injury than if you refuse to hold their hand. Those extra few minutes that could have been taken to fully remove the snow will turn into hours of work and money fixing your car. The mountains can be much more fully appreciated if you pull over and take a picture instead of glancing up as you speed by. Think. Is it really worth it?