The surprisingly simple solution to distracted driving

Collin P

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My Idea on how to reduce distracted and reckless driving is the essence of simplicity. Only let people drive manual transmissions. If you think about the idea it’s not as crazy as it seems. First you absolutely have to pay 100% attention to both the car and the road. There isn’t a way to text and drive with a manual transmission, because the car requires all of your focus to drive. Another way that is maintains your attention is your feet. It is really hard to use both your feet to do something(other than walking) without focusing. Secondly, you need two hands to drive a manual. You need one hand to control the steering wheel, and the other to control the clutch. So now that driving has both your hands, both your feet, and your attention, your only option is to pay attention to driving. As the saying goes, the simplest answer is usually the right one.