Disconnect and Reconnect

Ashley M

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Everyone is so distracted these days. It’s like the world around them doesn’t even matter. Emotions are conveyed through technology. Face to face interactions are starting to become rare. I don’t hate technology, it just has made humans become too dependent. I get on and use it when I have to, but other than that I go out and do things. The scariest things are now is when people are reckless or distracted when driving. I never really thought much of it until one day. My two friends and I were driving around, since we were having a girls day. Maddie was driving, since she was the oldest, had a car, and got her license first. I was in shotgun and Olly was in the back. It all happened so fast, like it was some kind of movie. You hear about it all the time in the news or in movies but you never think it’ll happen to you. Maddie checked her phone, we were on a straight shot rode so I thought nothing of it. Next thing I knew we got hit or something happened. Everything went black as I felt my body get flung around by gravity and the impact. When things finally stopped my vision was blurry. My body hung to the side, we flipped. The others didn’t seem to be responding, I couldn’t even talk or really see. All I knew is I needed to get out. I unbuckled my belt, falling against the car door and glass. I didn’t have time to cry out, I need to live. I pull myself out of the broken sunroof. That’s all I can really remember of that day, other than being told that Olly died and Maddie is now paralyzed. Along with both drivers distracted driving. Now I can’t help but be fearful of being in cars. If people disconnect from their phones and go back to connecting with actual people things would get better. Yes technology has many wonderful uses but they shouldn’t put your and others’ lives in danger. If families just try to get each other to understand that being in this world doing something can be so much better than anything else. Now matters are being taken into hands of the law. Police are hiring truck drivers to report in people they see on their phones while driving. Although measures like driving classes that help show you why you shouldn’t drive like that or how to avoid it could be needed in the future. Many things should and could be done to help make people more aware. Along with lawmakers and such will have to take steps into it. Although it could be just helped by addressing family members, since they know the huge increase of technology over the years.