Shelby D

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At every stoplight I’ve encountered I’ve seen at least one nearby driver on their phone. Talking, texting, posing, their activity never ceases. People are addicted to all the negatives that accompany phones, but there is no way to get rid of them because of all the positive components that they provide us with. Phones can serve as a sense of assurance when driving through a sketchy neighborhood, far from home or if you unfortunately get into an accident. The bad part about having a phone in the vehicle for emergencies though is that the accident could have very well been the result of someone viewing their phone, instead of watching the road. To combat this many car companies are trying to help by installing bluetooth, and auxiliary outlets for people’s phones so that they can play music, or speak on the phone hands free. The issue with this solution is that people can easily pick up their phone, hide it in their lap and still access all of their distractions. To combat this I believe that there are two solutions, the first would be to have the phone insight of anyone who may be going by. People should have to have their phones mounted to the windshield, like a GPS, so that it is out of arm’s reach, and police officers could easily see if the person was using their phone while driving. By using this placement on the windshield it would also allow the driver to continue using their phone as a GPS if that was ever needed, and if they were to be in an accident the mount would keep the phone secure so that they could easily locate the phone; whereas before the phone could fly anywhere in the car away from the person in need of help. Not only would this mount be effective to see that others are not wrongly using their phones, this would also be a very simple rule to implement. Car companies could start installing the mounts, and for older models they make mounts that adhere to a windshield. I believe that this is the best way to ensure police can see where people have their phones at all times, and to keep them out of people’s hands. This is cost efficient, and still allows people to utilize their phones for their optimal purposes while driving. Installing mounts is also an action that could be implemented right away, and is able to start doing a lot of good without being an over complicated process. The only downside to this feature is that the phone is now in clear view of the driver. To combat this I believe all phones should start coming preinstalled with an app that will intercept the phones notifications as you drive. So your phone calls will be stopped with a message that says you are currently driving, and any notifications of new post or messages from social media will not pop up on your screen, and therefore there is no need for the driver to worry about their phone. This step may take a bit more manpower than the first solution, but the best way to combat distracted driving is to get rid of the distraction. Many people will criticize this for the sake of the, “out of sight out of mind” approach, but I think that having the phone in plain sight will help to ensure that law enforcement knows where the phone is at all times, and the driver to know that they could still get to the device in a state of emergency